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UV Light Curing Technology
READ:186  UPDATE:2020-12-22

Compared with traditional solvent-based thermal curing technology, UV light curing technology has fast curing speed, instant film formation, no volatile solvent, low environmental pollution, high safety, low energy consumption, low production cost, and coating performance excellent and many other advantages. 

According to the different uses of UV light curing formula products, UV light curing formula products are generally divided into UV light curing coatings, UV light curing inks, and UV light curing adhesives. U These UV light curing formula products can achieve coatings of different substrates, coatings or printing processes by selecting, proportioning and mixing the four major components of UV monomers, UV resins, photoinitiators, and additives. Performance requirements. 

As countries around the world attach importance to environmental protection and impose strict legislative restrictions on atmospheric emissions of VOCs, the superiority of light-curing products has become more prominent, and the application fields of their products have been rapidly expanded; among them, UV light-curing formula products are still continuing The development of new products to develop optoelectronics, batteries, directly accessible food packaging, solar photovoltaic, medical diagnosis and other market areas.

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